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About Sunrise

Welcome to Sunrise as the best Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh. Ever since our inception, Sunrise is one of the leading visa consultancy firms in Bangladesh. Sunrise offers extensive educational services to students who have the intention to study abroad.

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Satisfied Clients

The Sunrise has been succefully done huge cases where students got visa, have done and still doing their study in the world class universities. Sunrise got lots of recognition from various univeristies as well as various organization and lots of students.

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How to get Help

Sunrise always helps to the students to build up their career by achiving higher education from word famous universities. They provide various supportive services to the interested students to build their future.

Sunrise maintains the quality of services to keep their standards in Bangladesh. So that they are very professional, cooperative, expert to their works.

If any one wants to get help from them, he will have to contact with them.

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Ultimate Goal

Sunrise is a education consultancy firm which is also a types of businesses. So, this organization must have mission as well as vision to keep their standard in a certain level.

Sunrise wants to make their organization no one education consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

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Best Student Consultancy Firm In Bangladesh

Sunrise is one of the best education consultancy firms in Bangladesh. The main office of the Sunrise located at the centre of Dhaka with the suitable educational services to the students who are interested to build up their own careers by getting higher degrees from various foreign universities in the countries like USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Sweden, and Lithuania.

This student consultancy firm mainly works on the principle of providing the best service so that a student can get full way of direction from the very beginning stage to the last stage getting admission to a foreign university with a very smart and future based subject having accommodation and living facility confirmation. This organization focuses on the universities that offer full scholarships to international students so that many Bangladeshi students can get chance for studying abroad scholarships.

This is a special student consultancy firm in Bangladesh as the core activity is to assist students to take their right decision with regard to managing scholarship in overseas educational institutions. Sunrise helps students to get ready on the prerequisite issues smartly and gain their ultimate goal. The logistic supports for taking preparation on IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc provided to the students from Sunrise.

Now, the Sunrise is a name of a brand in the student consultancy sector in Bangladesh as it already earned trust and honors for its reliable activities. Therefore, the future path is smooth to go ahead for doing betterment for the rising generation in Bangladesh. Sunrise always stands beside a student as a guardian so that he could get mental and all kinds of directional support from it. As a result, after getting chance in a reputed university, no one forget the positive supporting activities of Sunrise. Thus, Sunrise has a very sweet success story.

From the very beginning of its birth, Sunrise keeps a vision in mind to make a well-educated society in Bangladesh and after more than 8 years, this organization can say that it is now one of the best members of the list of education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. In order to implement that vision, it always keep trying to help student to develop their personal qualification like English speaking, well communication, well behave, awareness, up to date according to the world progress, etc.

‘Studying Abroad Scholarships’ is now one of the most searched phrases in the Google search engine. That means students are keen to get chance in a foreign university where there are full scholarships for international students undergraduate or post graduate. Now, parents are also very much interested to settle their kids’ career in the well-developed country where security of life is the first assurance. Based on the current demand of Bangladesh, Sunrise provides the services on how to get a university scholarship.

Sunrise has been working on education consultancy system for long years, so it knows very well what should be the infrastructure of such kinds of study abroad agencies. It has developed its own structure in terms of office decoration, quality of personnel, standard communicator, rich instructor, etc. So, if any student or parent comes to the Sunrise office, he will have be convinced with the overall structure of this organization.

When a student with a query ‘Study Abroad from Bangladesh’ comes to the Sunrise, he gets all kinds of direction about the merits as well demerits to go to a specific country and a university. Suppose, he wants to have a scholarship in Hungary, the Sunrise will him detail idea on Hungary education system, Hungary universities, which university will be better for him, which is not, etc. Thus a student can get confidence on his self decision.