Best Universities in Hungary

Study in abroad has become one of the most desiring matters now a days. Many students are going to abroad for study from Bangladesh. Hungary can be a good choice for the international students. Hungary is situated in the central Europe and it is renowned for its natural beauty. Hungary has become an increasingly popular study abroad destination. Education in Hungary is mainly public, which is run by the Ministry of Human Resources.Most of the Hungarian universities are public institutions, and students traditionally study with no tuition fees payment.

There are many cheap universities in Hungary for international students whose tuition fee is very low. Tuition fees vary depending on the subjects and the universities.

Accommodation costs in Hungary are comparatively low than that of other European countries. Most universities in Hungary have dormitories which are usually the cheapest alternative.

Transportation in Hungary is also reasonable. The public transport system is quite efficient, inexpensive and it will help the students to move around the country.

Here we are giving information about the top five universities which are in the top position in Hungary according to World University Rankings.

The best five universities of Hungary are:

  1. Semmelweis University

  2. EotvosLorand University

  3. University of Pecs

  4. University of Szeged

  5. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University has stood first position in the field of medicine among the Hungarian universities according to the international ranking. The history of Semmelweis University started in the year of 1769. When the university moved to its permanent location, a great development was started to be gained.

Semmelweis University is one of the best universities in Hungary

There are two study programmes 1. The Bachelor’s Programs which provides students with general knowledge, skills, abilities, professional competencies, and the professional experience necessary for finding employment.2. The Master’s Programs which are for those who have already completed graduation. Master’s programs provides students the scope to obtain professional specialization, a deepened knowledge of the field and a high level of qualification.

EotvosLorand University

EotvosLorand University is a leading research university in Hungary. The main good point of this university is course credit is transferable in all countries of the European Union. This university offers a great environment for research and quality education to the students.

Eotvos Lorand University is one of the best universities in Hungary

EötvösLoránd University (ELTE) also offers a wide range of degree programs to international students who intend to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree at ELTE and who want to complete the entire program in English at ELTE in Budapest, Hungary. There are 28,200 students in the university.

University of Pecs

University of Pecs has become in the position of 601 among the world’s best universities according to World University Ranking. It is the largest institution of higher education in Hungary.Due to the successful implementation of the Bologna education system, students can get involved in a dynamic, interoperable European higher education system instead of taking the traditional college and university courses. The students have to take undergraduate degree and then masters degree. Pecs is a beautiful place to study where students can enjoy high quality of education.

University of Pecs is one of the best universities in Hungary

University of Szeged

According to QS World University Rankings in the year 2018 “University of Szeged” is in the 501 position among the other universities based on popularity and performance of the universities all over the world.

University of Szeged is one of the best universities in Hungary

There are 27 Masters Programs and 27,436 students are studying there.

“University of Szeged” is one of the largest organizations in South Great Plain Region which plays the important role in the areas of social, economic and cultural development. The university offers a very high quality education at the levels of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral (Ph.D), and higher-level vocational and postgraduate specialist training programs.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics or Budapesti Muszaki es Gazdasag tudományi Egyetem is one of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1782 by the Emperor Joseph. It is the first university in Europe for the engineers. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics has some well-established research relationships with Western European universities. The dictum of the university is “Courses in Contemporary Engineering - harmonizing theory and practice”.

The students of Bangladesh can choose Hungary for higher education considering all the positive sides of education in Hungary. They can come to us for all kinds of assistance regarding going to Hungary. Going abroad is not so easy but we promise we will make it easy for you.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the best universities in Hungary