Best Universities in Russia

Many International students dream to go for higher education in Russia, as it is one of the suitable countries for study. The system of education in Russia is well designed and established being the largest nation of the world. So many international students are going to study in Russia. It is also noticed that many students are going to study in Russia from Bangladesh.

There are also many cheap universities in Russia for international students where the students can easily study at a very low cost. The five cheapest universities in Russia for International students are 1. Herzen University 2. Altai State University 3.Southern Federal University 4. Kazan State Medical University 5. Tomsk Polytechnic University.

It is great news for international students that study in Russia without IELTS is possible. The universities of Russia do not require IELTS or TOFEL but the students have to complete a course of one-year education in Russian Language.

There are many universities in Russia, which are very well known in the academic communities and these universities offer very prestigious Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes to the international students. Let's have a look on the best universities in Russia as described below:

  1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

  2. Novosibirsk State University

  3. Saint-Petersburg State University

  4. Tomsk State University (TSU)

  5. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the oldest universities situated in Moscow, Russia which was founded on January 25, 1755 Mikhail Lomonosov, It is a coeducational and public research university where approximately 47,000 students are studying in this university and, 4,000 are international among them.

Lomonosov Moscow State University is the best universities in Russia

Lomonosov Moscow State University is consistently the highest-ranked university in Russia and 95th in the world. The library system of LMSU is one of the largest in Russia, with its 9,000,000 books, 2,000,000 of them in foreign languages, and the average number of readers 55,000, using 5,500,000 books a year. The building of the university is the tallest educational building in the world.

Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk State University was established in the year of 1959, a much younger university than Lomonosov Moscow State University. The university is situated in the large city of Novosibirsk having the population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk State University, recognize the education system of the university. It is a coeducational higher education institution having 6,000-6,999 students.

The dictum of the Novosibirsk State University is “We will not make you smarter, we will teach you how to think!”.

Novosibirsk State University is the best universities in Russia

The international students can think of the University for higher education because there are many facilities here. There is arrangement of new dormitories for the international students, which are 3 minutes walk from the university, and comfortable double rooms with forest view are available. There is also Russian Government Scholarship Program, which offers 2 years scholarships for Master’s program and 3 year (or 4 year) scholarships PhD program.

Saint-Petersburg State University

Saint-Petersburg University is one of the leading international centers of science, education and culture at present. The university has achieved the 3rd position in Russia and 439th position in the world. The beginning of the University started in 1724, which was almost three centuries before. The university has combined traditions and innovations, research and learning, experience and youth successfully.

Saint-Petersburg State University is the best universities in Russia

Saint-Petersburg University has worldwide reputation for achievements of the graduates of the university. Many graduates of this university were awarded Nobel Prizes such as: I. Pavlov (1904) and I. Mechnikov (1908) for physiology and medicine; N. Semenov (1956) for chemistry; L. Landau (1962) and A. Prokhorov (1964) for physics; V. Leontief (1973) and L. Kantorovich (1975) for economics, I. Brodsky (1985) for literature; Fields Medal - Grigory Perelman, StanislavSmirmov, the Shaw Prize, also regarded as Nobel of the East - LudvigFaddeev.

At present Saint-Petersburg University collaborates with 230 higher education institutions. The saying of this University is “Hic tutaperennat”i.e. “Here we stay in peace”.

From the dictum of the university, it can be understood that students can study without any tension because the management of the university gives priority to ensure peace in the university.

Tomsk State University (TSU)

Tomsk State University, TSU is a public research university located in Siberia, Russia. The Emperor Alexander II established it on May 28, 1878. TSU is the oldest university in the Asian Russia.

Tomsk State University (TSU) Is the best universities in Russia

At present, there are 23 Faculties and Institutes with 151 Departments and about 23,000 students (among them 2,000 are about international students).

The University's pride is its Scientific Library (4 million copies, the rare book museum) and the Siberian Botanical Garden. This 139 years old higher-education institution has also an established admission policy based on entrance examinations. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University, also known as PhysTech or MIPT. It was established in 1946 and was granted the status of National Research University by Russian Government in 2009. There are many Nobel Prize Winners, Cosmonauts, Scientists and other prominent figures in business and politics who were the students of this university.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University

The dictum of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University is “SapereAude” i.e. “Dare to Know”.Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) is a small (uniRank enrollment range: 4,000-4,999 students) coeducational higher education institution having the range of students from 4,000 to 4,999 according to uniRanking page. MIPT offers many courses and programs to the students such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.