Higher Education in Latvia

Latvia is situated in northeastern Europe with a coastline along the Baltic Sea.The population of Latvia is ‎2,223,000.

Education is the backbone of a nation. Education system is the most important side for a country by which a country can develop very quickly if the education system is good. The Latvian education system consists of a system of pre-school education, basic education, secondary education and higher education. Latvia is known for producing high-quality engineering and IT students.

There is a very good scope of the education in Latvia for international students. Therefore, the students from other countries who want to establish their career they can go to Latvia for higher education. Education in Latvia is free and compulsory. Compulsory education includes two years of preschool education (usually starting at 5 years old) and a further nine years of elementary education.

The education in Latvia is comparatively affordable. There are several English-taught courses in the universities of Latvia targeted at foreign students. The living costs are also lower than many other western countries.

A degree from Latvian University is equivalent to a degree from any EU country making it valuable around the world.

Universities in Latvia follow a strict academic calendar that runs from September to June for each academic year. Bachelor’s degrees are generally 4-year programs while master’s degrees in Latvia are at most 2-year programs.

All international students coming to Latvia (except citizens from the EU) must obtain a Latvia student visa and a residence permit to study in the country.In some cases, chosen university would guide the student on how to obtain a Latvian student visa and a resident permit. They might also apply on behalf of the student. Latvian visa fees depend on the types of visa.

Tuition fees at Latvian universities vary depending on the program and the institution of choice. However, like in most study abroad countries, there is a disparity in the fees paid by Latvian students on the one hand and EU and Swiss students on the other.

Non-European students should have preparation to pay higher tuition than domestic and EU students.

No one will be able to go to study in Latvia without IELTS. The students have to have the IELTS score of at least 5.5; with the exception of master’s degree programme.

There are many good and quality universities in Latvia. Among them we have found few universities which are the best universities in Latvia. If any student feels interested we can provide the list of universities of Latvia where he/she can go for higher education.

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The international students can also find part time jobs in Latvia. Many of the graduate jobs can be found in Latvia. The international students may work for at least 20 hours per week on a part time basis. So it is great chance to study and work in Latvia at the same time.

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