Education in Lithuania

Education is the process through which people acquire knowledge, values, ethics, skills and many other things, which are very important for a human being. No one can think to be a good human being without being educated. So all people should gain knowledge, values, and ethics through proper education and for acquiring this education, we should go to abroad for standard education because the education system of foreign countries is far better than that of Bangladesh. Lithuania can be a country of great opportunity for higher education. Let’s know where the country is. Lithuania is one of the three Baltic States and is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark having 2.9 million people.

Now let’s find out why study in Lithuania. The main reasons to study in Lithuania are value, quality and experience. Overall education in Lithuania is affordable. There is good value of money where BA courses starts from 2.000 EUR. Accommodation is affordable i.e. from 90 EUR to 150+EUR. Public transport-30 EUR (monthly ticket) and lunch cost starts from 5 EUR. Taxi within the city is not more than 20 EUR. More than 380 programs taught in English. Mentors pay attention to the universities.

There is scope of scholarship for international students in Lithuania. The universities of Lithuania offer various scholarships to international students including Lithuanian language and culture summer courses, Short-term studies in all fields including Lithuanian (Baltic) studies.The international students will be pleased to know that 94% of foreign students recommend for study in Lithuania.

There are many universities in Lithuania which are famous in the world for their standard system of education. Among best universities, we are mentioning here the name of five best universities:

  • Vilniaus Universitetas

  • Kauno Technologijos Universitatas

  • Vytauto Didziojo Universitatasiv

  • Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitatas and

  • Lietuvos Sveikatosmokslu Universitatas

There are 47 higher education institutions among 23 are universities and 24 are colleges.

There are also many cheap universities in Lithuania charges low tuition fees for international students. In Lithuania, tuition fees vary from institution to institution. A student needs the cost of study in the range as follows:

  • €1,000-5,300 (~US$1,060-5,620) for bachelor’s degrees

  • €2,200-6,500 (~US$2,330-6,890) for master’s degrees

  • €7,100-8,500 (~US$7,520-9,000) for PhDs

The international students can also work part time in Lithuania. But the requirements necessary for work permit is on limiting condition. So it will not very easy to manage work in Lithuania. The students can work from second year of BA and first year of MA.

The international students need student visa for studying in Lithuania and they can enter in Lithuania by holding any one of the following documents:

  • Schengen visa or residence permit/visa that allows one to stay for a period mentioned in the visa-TRP but not exceeding three months in any six- month period);

  • National multi-entry visa that permits students to stay in Lithuania for up to 12 months;

  • Temporary residence permit that allows one to stay in the country for the entire period of studies, but has to be replaced annually)

The international students can enjoy a very comfortable student life in Lithuania. The students can discover a very charming life full of happiness, safety and we are always ready to let them have this charming student life in Lithuania by providing them all kinds of services required for going to study in Lithuania.