Education in Romania

Education is such a thing no one can deny its necessity. Education makes a person complete. Education is the key to success in life. Maximum requirements for making a person’s life happy and succeed may be filled up with education. Education brings happiness, money, establishment, and many other things to a person’s life.

Now a day people are very aware of gaining education. They try their level best for taking higher education so that they can be established properly. For this higher education, people are even going to study abroad. Romania can be the best choice for going to take higher degree because education of Romania has a worldwide reputation. The universities of Romania receive huge number of students from other countries of the world.

The students who are thinking about going to Romania for higher education definitely try to gather information about education system of Romania. For this information you can come to us. The information we are providing here shall definitely relief you from doing hard job for collecting information.

The education system in Romania is regulated by the Ministry of Education and Research. There are many areas of education in Romania like Architecture, Music and Arts, Medicine etc. The higher education system in Romania has organized in three cycles:

  • Bachelor program

  • Master Programmes and

  • Doctorate Program

The high schools in Romania takes normally 04(four) years to complete and vocational schools take 05(five) years. The undergraduate courses last three or four years depending on the subjects. Masters courses in Romania last for two years. There are 49 public and eight private universities in Romania which gives ensure high quality of education. The top four universities of Romania are:

  • University of Bucharest

  • Babes-Bolyai University

  • Alexandru Loan Cuza University

  • West University of Timisoara/li>

Here we are providing the information regarding tuition fees and living cost required for the education in Romania which can help the students if anyone is really interested to go there for education.

Tuition fees and living cost in Romania:

Field of StudyUndergraduate, Master (Euro/year)
Social Studies, Psychology, Economy1980-2200
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary 3200-5000
Music and Arts3780-4200
Musical interpretation, Theatre6750-7500

The tuition fees of education in Romania vary from university to university depending on the type of program, the faculty, the origin of the International student, and other factors involved.There are also many cheap universities in Romania which will give scope to the international students to study at low cost.

Student visa is one of the important requirements to be fulfilled for going to study in Romania. Students of EU/EEA and Swiss country nationals do not need visa to enter in Romania but other international students are required to apply for a Romanian student visa before arrival. The students have to have a letter of acceptance from the Romanian Ministry of Education before applying for visa.

Here we are giving some information about Romanian visa fees which may help the international students. The fees charged for the processing and granting of entry visas to Romania:

Type of FeeCharged Fee
Airport TransitEUR 60
Transit EUR 60
Short StayEUR 60
Long StayEUR 120

The universities of Romania also offer scholarships to the international students. International students may be accepted to study on the basis of scholarships granted by Romania, through the competent authorities in their countries or on the basis of scholarships and grants offered by other states or by international organizations. The candidates have to contact the international organization for their scholarship at least one year earlier.

From the above information, the international students are supposed to have the clear idea of the advantages of studying in Romania and the answer of the question of why study in Romania if anyone has. So the international students, who are thinking to take higher education in abroad, can select Romania without any tension and confusion