Higher Education in Hungary

In the previous world people didn’t have much opportunity to be educated. Because there lack of education institutes. Besides the cost, culture and environment were also not supportive. But today we can see tremendous changes in the education sector. Now people can go to abroad to be educated. In the world there are many good universities and according to our ability we can easily get chance to study in those institution. In this blog I will give some information about education system in Hungary. If anyone wants to study in Hungary I hope this writing will help him/her a lot.

In Hungary elementary education is compulsory for every child age 6 to 16. Education system in Hungary is very good and effective. For the last 600 years, they have built a good reputation for their higher education system. Their universities and colleges are very well reputed. In 1367 the first university was established in Hungary. Now there are total 66 universities (both private and public). Academic year runs from September to June. The higher education system is divided into two parts, Colleges and universities.

College education: Takes for 4 years to complete.

Vocational Curriculum: Lasts for 2 years.

University education: In the university, according to your subject it takes 4 to 6 years.

University PhD courses: It takes 3 years to get PhD degree.

In Hungary there are 66 universities. 29 are public and 37 are private. Universities in Hungary have various filed to study. The foreign language program is highly standard.

The universities in Hungary offer three types of degree. BA/BSc, MA/MSc andPhD, LA.

You may have a question in mind that why study in Hungary? The education system is very good and effective. Their teaching method is excellent. They teach various programs with low cost. And the cost of living is also reasonable. So people now wish to study Hungary.

Hungarian universities have good reputation all over the world. I will give the list of universities of Hungary and they have got their name in the world university ranking.

  • University of Pécs ( Global ranking 956)

  • University of Szeged ( Global ranking 756)

  • Semmelweis University (Global ranking 656)

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics ( Global ranking 849)

  • University of Debrecen ( Global ranking 559)

  • Corvinus University of Budapest

  • EötvösLoránd University (Global ranking 466)

The list of best universities of Hungary is given below:

  • Albert Szentgyorgyi Medical University.

  • Attila Jozsef University.

  • BessenyeiGyorgy Teachers Training College.

  • EotvosLorand University of Sciences.

  • Gvdvllu University of Agricultural Sciences.

  • Janus Pannonius University of Sciences.

  • JuhaszGyula Teacher Training College.

  • Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Sciences.

  • Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

  • Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences.

  • Szeged University.

  • Technical University of Budapest, Hungary.

  • University Medical School of Debrecen.

  • University of Miskolc, Hungary.

Hungary universities tuition fee is affordable. According to subject, the tuition fee varies. Therefore, there are many cheap universities in Hungary for international students.

Students can study in Hungary with scholarship.Student visa is needed to study in Hungary.

The international students are not allowed to work and study in Hungary at the same time. If they finish study they can work. But in Hungary cost of living compared to usis cheaper.There are manyEnglish speaking universities in Hungary. Actually every Hungarian knows English. You can read Budapest study abroad blogfor more details about Hungary.

So, these are some basic information for those who wants to study in Hungary. Hope this will help you.