Study Abroad in Italy

Every student’s dream in life is to get a world class education with full of knowledge and unforgettable experience. If you are also in the same category then surely Italy is your destined place. From the museums to monuments, Italy is full of cultural and artistic beauty. Italy’s education is the oldest and has played a significant role in whole Europe. So, if you are highly interested to study in Italy, then you have come to the right place. Let’s figure out why.

From the palaces to the streets, Italy is blessed and enriched with cultural and natural beauty. If you are a beauty lover then Italy is an ideal place for you. Every year, a huge number of international student come in Italy in order to experience multicultural diversity.

Universities in Italy are known as the oldest and finest trademark of education in the whole Europe. Some of the best universities in Italy are university of Milan, university of Florence etc. There are different type’s courses in Italy. Coursesare available like diploma, bachelors and masters in Italy.You must follow some process in order to get a student visa in Italy. First, you have to choose a university and apply to it. If you receive an acceptance letter from that particular university then you can apply for the visa. You should apply for a Schengen visa from Bangladesh if your program’s longevity is not more than 90 days.

Any student can pursue his higher education in Italythrough two major languages. Some universities in Italy run their program in English and some in Italian. You need IELTS in order to study in English speaking universities in Italy. If your bachelor’s program is in English then you can study in Italy without IELTS.

Some universities in Italy are expensive. There are also cheap universities in Italy for international students. The average tuition fees of Italian universities are 500-1000 pound per year.Italy’s cost of living compared to us is 150.08% higher. But, don’t be stressed. Italy provides scholarships for international students.You can study in Italy for free if you scholarship covered your full tuition fees.If you have some basic knowledge of Italian language then you can find plenty of part time work in Italy. So, you can easily work and study in Italy.

Italy is famous to international students for its multicultural atmosphere. That’s why, a huge number of international students arrive in Italy to experience and enjoy the atmosphere. There are a lot of top universities in Italy available for international students. Among them, some are tuition free universities in Italy for international students.These are five top universities in Italy:

  • University of Milan

  • University of Florence

  • University of bologna

  • Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

  • University of Trento

So, the main point is, you can discover a life full of adventure and excitement while studying in Italy. This lifetime experience not only builds you as a successful person but also develop a broad minded personality.