Study in Austria from Bangladesh

At present, the world has become very competitive. Different countries are trying to compete with each other to establish as a remarkable one in the world. Austria is such a country that already has acquired an important and dominating position in the central Europe of the world. It has an advanced system of education and in other sectors. For the standard and established system of education, Austria can be a good choice of the international students who want to go abroad for higher education.

The international students who are thinking why study in Austria, the answer is very simple. Austria is situated at central point of Europe, which has a rich education system, culture, life style, literature, and philosophy. The international students may be provided more information about the education system in Austria for the answer of the questions of their inner mind.

Austria has an intellectual and cultural tradition that is reflected with its higher education system. The country provides great cultural environment and diversity to the international students. The foreign students have a very good experience about the Austrian education, activities, and culture. The impression regarding all systems and culture the international students had while studying in Austria is above in average compared to other countries in Europe. Austria is one of the safest countries in Europe and is well known for its high standard of living among other countries of Europe that is very important for an international student.

There are many universities in Austria, which provide standard academic life to the international students. The five best universities in Austria are:

  • University of Vienna

  • Medical university of Vienna

  • University of Innsbruck

  • Medical university of Graz and

  • Vienna university of Technology

The cost of study in Austria is affordable. Austrian universities tuition fees are very low. If the student is an EU or EEA national, he/she needs not to pay any tuition fees for any masters programme in Austria. Moreover, if the student is from outside of Europe, they will have to pay a very small amount for the study program. There are many cheap universities in Austria for international students, which charge a very little amount of money. The foreign students can easily choose one of the cheapest universities in Austria for taking higher degree.

It is a matter of great joy for the international students that they can work while studying in Austria. The international students will require work permit to work in Austria and the work permit depends on the nationality and the status of visa. Students from EU (excluding Croatia), the EEA and Switzerland can work freely in Austria without work permit.

Before going to Austria, the international students need to apply for Austrian visa at Austrian embassy for studying there. Austrian student visa is necessary to study in Austria for a period longer than 90 days. But the students of EU and EEA member countries and Switzerland do not need any visa or residence permits for studying in Austria.

The international students also can study free of cost in Austria. The Austrian universities offer various types of scholarships to the international students by gaining that they can manage the fund for their study.

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